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Success is not accidental and for that matter, neither is failure.  The difference between them is the ability to create a workable roadmap for achieving your business or team’s desired results.  Without the proper step-by-step actionable points to implement along the way failure is sure to follow.

ProActive Pathways Consulting specializes in creating success with you by using our P.L.A.N. approach to assist in developing optimal outcomes.  Suzanne Fontaine’s extensive knowledge and skills assures your business that having partners to help you outline these steps nearly guarantees your success.  Here is how Suzanne will help you achieve this.

Values and Beliefs = P.L.A.N.


  • Passion – Foster the passion for one’s business and projects through mastermind, leadership, and support.
  • Possibilities – Note the possibilities within the Mastermind Community when completing projects and of the content received from the workshops or working with Suzanne to led and manage your project.
  • Productive/Profit – Be able to increase and improve your productivity and profitability through a structured community which guides owners to have a clearer focus, establish larger goals and become accountable as a member of the Mastermind of Champions Circle through its support and assistance with projects and business activities.


  • Leadership – Lead businesses owners with mentoring for their professional development, business growth and guidance for success in their project work as this in turn activates members of the Mastermind community to be leaders and mentors to each other as they advance in their own success.
  • Learning – Foster an environment of continuous learning within the Mastermind Circle to coach and mentor, through workshops, and when working one-to-one with business owners in their project work.
  • Listen – Hear the needs of our potential and present clients and seek to ensure we deliver accurate solutions if we expect to meet their needs.  Listen to our employees to build strong, supportive teams.  Finally, to hear our family and friends and be there for them.


  • Abundance – Mastermind circles are a treasure trove of knowledge, skills, experiences, connections and synergy.  With open minds, ears and hearts we can see there is abundance in resources, knowledge, opportunities and supportive relationships surrounding us within a peer community.
  • Accelerate – Fast-track business success and projects by being part of a supportive Mastermind community versus trying to go it alone in the complexities of business.
  • Accountability – Commitment to success requires becoming accountable to completing the required work, participating fully and investing in ongoing learning. Mastermind communities co-actively participate in supporting forward movement. Business owners may find the relationships established dictate their success as they have peers who support their action to help them complete their business activities while ensuring exceptional quality, efficiency and effectiveness for the best outcome.


  • Networking – Business is built through relationships and resources.  Knowing the needs of your clients and colleagues better makes you an invaluable partner in their success; especially if you meet someone you can introduce or refer them to. Becoming an influencer by providing knowledge, resources and referrals to colleagues and clients will be reciprocated by them in exchange to support you in your own success.
  • Nourishment – Selflessly nourishing our minds with learning, our physical bodies with good food and exercise and our hearts through strong, positive relationships we become leaders in our lives.  Through this, we strive to have a balanced life in our business and family.
  • Numbers – Business comes down to numbers as in how many clients we have, the metrics to track business and the profits in the bank.  However, the most important number is how many relationships we engage in and foster with care and authenticity.

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“Being proactive means being able to anticipate what the future will   be and to react accordingly before it actually happens.”   ~Serge Prengel