Isn’t it time you had a trusted guide on your side to help you with the tricky logistics of business projects, operational management and leadership challenges?

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“Never walk past an opportunity to learn and grow, step into a world of curiosity and creativity for continued improvement and growth.”  ~Author Unknown

ProActive Pathways provides strategic guidance and support to help your business move around growth challenges confidently and with the knowledge you have a co-creative partner on your side.

Qualified to assist in key areas of your business, we are here to develop a clearly organized and precise path for your success.

With over 15 years of project and operational experience, Suzanne Fontaine, founder of ProActive Pathways Consulting Ltd. combines her experience and expertise in business and project management skills to support and lead your business in delivering objective advice and guidance; therefore, expanding business, improving performance and managing risk more effectively.  As a speaker, facilitator and presenter she administers content business owners can readily and easily implement.

Navigate the path with our proprietary P.L.A.N system through a maze of ambiguity to move your business towards clarity and success.

Suzanne can help your business with the following:

Operational Reviews for effectiveness so that, outcomes are clearly achieved with less effort and greater impact using streamlined systems.  Click here to learn more.  

Suzanne concisely defines essential business systems, procedures and guidelines for efficient and effective management of critical operational duties and administrative tasks.  Organizing, executing and evaluating best practices for your day-to-day operations.  She will work to ensure quality while improving efficiency plus facilitate the strategic plans set out by you and your team.

Project Development with identifiable steps plus management outcomes so that, your project is achieved on time and on budget.  Click here to learn more 

Suzanne supports, leads and manages businesses in their projects using project management methodology to generate successful results while building solid, reliable and professional relationships.  Holding her certified designation as a Project Manager she will skillful guide your endeavor every step of the way.

Strategic actions with a Planning Coach to facilitate long-term growth and continued success so that, the rewards finally appear.  Click here to learn more.

Suzanne works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to provide them with support, mentoring and coaching through education and leadership.  Empowering confidence and know-how in the skill of planning correctly, taking action, understanding what to monitor and dealing with unexpected challenges she helps business owners achieve exceptional business and project results.

Leadership through Mastermind Groups for stronger community ‘brain trust’ so that, constructive peer review and support are at your fingertips.  Click here to learn more.

Suzanne facilities a synergistic Mastermind community with regular meetings vibrant within a positive energetic environment Members are constructively challenged and held accountable for their success and productive business results.  Emphasizing the power of accumulative brainstorming, problem-solving, coaching and education participants involved value their peer reviews.

Using her exclusively designed P.L.A.N. method she will get you on the right course.  Read here how it works. 

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PLAN for Your Success!