Project Management – No Great Thing Is Created Suddenly


From idea to implementation, projects require systematic processes in order to develop desired results.  However, without management great ideas can turn into lack luster projects that under-perform or are never completed.  Project management is a dedicated process that investigates all parameters for successful completion.  Without a project manager to over-see the required steps and processes of managing and monitoring the project activities, budget, schedule, quality and risks, mistakes are bound to occur, leading to an unfavorable final and costly outcome.

  • Does your business lack qualified staff to properly manage and lead your projects?
  • Is your team prepared to prevent a project from growing well beyond its scope and budget?
  • Do you have the abilities to keep the project on track all on your own?
  • Does your project leader utilize proper project methodology regarding time, costs, scope, resources, quality and risks?
  • Can your project leader anticipate and manage the potentially unforeseen risks that can have a severe impact on your daily operations, but also your long-term goals?

Project management is the mainstay of business sustainability yet, only with directional leadership.

Implemented stages of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific outcomes is a complex methodology for assured success.

Who would benefit from having a qualified project manager?

Small and Mid-size business owners or managers wanting direct management and Goals picturequalified knowledge for evaluating a new expansion of services, programs or structure but, don’t have the skill to assess critical planning, risk management and carrying out the completion of the project.
Busy offices faced with restructuring services to better fit their customers’ needs but, don’t have the time to process customer feedback into the development of stronger service offers.
Solo-professionals choosing to up level opportunities but, don’t have the experience to research and develop new financial markets or to launch a new service or program.
Start-up entrepreneurs requiring professional management on their first project launch but, lack the insight into controlling target deadlines and reducing risk of over extending costs.

Suzanne will lead businesses in the planning, execution, monitoring and control of your projects, minimizing the impact on the day-to-day operations.  She will work within your outlined budget and timeline, keep the project within the prescribed scope and manage all the risks to ensure the quality result you seek.

“Failure to manage projects properly will mean businesses won’t last long, as they continually miss market opportunities.  It will also mean what opportunities they do exploit are exploited poorly.”   ~Roger Chou PgMP, founding president of the Institute of Taiwan Project Management

“Just Pros Toastmasters has held four different major events in 2013 with over 80 people attending each one.  Every event was a great success and the person who was most instrumental in this success was Suzanne Fontaine.  She was the inspiration behind the idea of the events; she was the manager who provided guidance to 15-20 volunteers to make it all fit together beautifully; and she was the leader who steered the project through the rough waters. Suzanne demonstrated in all these events that she really knew what she was doing.  Without question she is someone who should be listened to when it comes to “mastering successful events”.
~Allan Warburton, Just Pros Toastmasters Club, President 2013-14


Risk Management

Projects requiring professional management may consist of the following:

  • The development of a new service, program or product.
  • An update to an existing product or service.
  • A review or analysis of your current organizational structure.
  • An expansion into an additional store or office.
  • A move of your existing office to a new location.

Get ProActive with Solid, Professional Methodology for the Management of Your Projects.

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