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When areas in your business are having difficulty successfully producing the necessary outcomes it can show up in large and small ways.  Inefficiency can increase your operating costs, decrease employee engagement and keep your customers from coming back.  All of these factors will reduce profits and may even put you at a competitive disadvantage.

  • Do you need to create an efficient orientation program for new employees?
  • Do you require an information manual for new hires as they take on these new roles?
  • Is a new set of policies and procedures needed now that your business has expanded?
  • Is your team at a loss about what to do next in their day to day activities?
  • Are employees unsure of how to best implement the established systems and processes?
  • Are you losing your current customers through the cracks and not sure why?

No business is too small to critically evaluate each of its operational points.

Systematically evaluate, recalibrate, and implement improvements in essential areas of your operations to improve function, maximize your impact and increase profits and productivity.

Who would benefit from a review for operational efficiency?

Mid-size business owners or managers wanting to expand operations or teams but, Business partners in a busy officedon’t have the time to assess what areas to start with first.
Busy offices requiring up-to-date administrative operational and system manuals but, find it challenging to review current policies and procedures systematically.
HR professionals of smaller organizations needing to tackle job and task guidelines but, get bogged down dealing with fires all day with their employees.
Solo-professionals working in their business with clients or projects but, are exhausted or overwhelmed at the end of the day by the idea of having to carve out more time to work ‘on’ their business operational metrics.
Start-up entrepreneurs who are flooded with ideas for their business development but, have no idea how to create effective operational guidelines for success.

“The best way out of a problem is through it” ~Anonymous

Suzanne will work with your business to support, guide and assist you or your team through the process of setting up, organizing, executing and evaluating best practices for your day-to-day operations.   She will work to ensure quality while improving efficiency plus facilitating the strategic plans set out by you and your team.

“I’ve known Suzanne since 2011. I am impressed with her communication, organization, and project management skills. In my profession as an Organizer I really notice this kind of stuff and take great appreciation for what it takes to be so thorough in this way.“
~Michelle Panzlaff  www.tidytiger.biz

Operational management requirements may consist of the following:

  • Job descriptions, interview questions, hiring and training material
  • Company policies, procedures and protocols
  • Mission statement, company values, company vision and goals
  • Customer retention, relationship building tools and finding lost leads
  • Review, plan and implement processes and systems for efficiencies


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