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Business can at times be an isolating experience, especially if, your role is as a leader or manager.  Who do you turn to for professional development, strategic input, and trusted advice?  Joining a Mastermind community offers the synergy of group members’ skills, experiences and perspectives to create a dynamic brain-trust of knowledge to tap into for the advancement of your business.  The group can help you to solve problems or see ways to take advantage of opportunities you would never have done if working alone.

  • Do you wonder why you’re not further ahead in your business and are looking to be more efficient, effective and productive?
  • Are you stuck in a project and need constructive feedback to jump-start your efforts again?
  • Do you struggle to find the right answers or direction to take in your business and desire help to mentor you towards an optimal course of action?
  • Are you unsure how to authentically grow your client base without chasing another shiny object or the latest hyped new marketing strategy?
  • Do you hold back on investing in your business because you alone cannot see ways to create the money for the staff, equipment or training you really want?
  • Do you feel isolated in your thoughts about your business and are losing your passion for your work?

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No one needs to go it alone.

The impactful value of a Mastermind Group can contribute greatly to the success of your business and life with supportive, constructive and focused synergy.





Mastermind groups support one another, share knowledge, tap into new ideas, gain solutions and help hold each other accountable by using the Mastermind principle of harmony and understanding.

Who will you find as members of a mastermind group?

Mid-size business owners looking for constructive peer relationships that foster collaboration not competition toward success.
Busy office managers limited by time and budgets who want to improve upon their operations and managerial skills to increase productivity and profit, as well career advancement.
Professionals of smaller organizations who want to connect with other like-minded, career driven individuals that value personal accountability, goal setting and achieving results.
Solo-professionals who work independently and want to be a part of a supportive community, receive constructive feedback, and have direct mentoring and resources at hand for their business growth.
Start-up entrepreneurs learning the ropes of business who want to fast-track their knowledge, connect to community leaders, and expand their skills from experienced coaches.

Suzanne facilitates on-going mastermind groups where she combines her experience and expertise in business and project management skills to support entrepreneurs and business owners in delivering objective advice and guidance.  She can help you grow your business, improve your performance and manage risk more effectively within your business and projects.

“Suzanne is able to see both the big picture but is also very detailed orientated in what she does which has come through in the running of our Mastermind group.  During these meetings she is always willing to share her knowledge and will provide us with honest feedback especially when it comes to our business projects and strategic plans.”  ~Diana Ng

“I’ve been involved with one of Suzanne’s mastermind groups for the past 5 months. In my first month, I got things done that have been on my to-do list for over 2 years! Suzanne has the structures in place to help you get clear about what you need to do, and a system to hold you accountable so that you do it. And being in a group of other entrepreneurs has allowed me to see that businesses large and small, often have similar struggles. We are there to support each other, hold each other accountable and celebrate all the successes along the way.”  ~Brenda Adams


What a collaborative and synergistic environment of a Mastermind circle provides:Mastermind (Worditout) smaller size


  • Creative brainstorming to solve difficult and complex business challenges.
  • Discussion forums for constructive feedback and idea sharing.
  • Coaching and mentoring to fast track effectiveness.
  • Strategic planning for success implementation.
  • Community of positive, passionate, supportive, and dedicated individuals.
  • Structured accountability to tackle goals and improve productivity and results.
  • Catalysts for growth through positive challenges and guidance.
  • Recharge and reset individual efforts, energy and passion for business.


   “Success will come more quickly and surely if you learn how to make use of the education, experience, ability and influence of others.”   ~Napoleon Hill

 Get ProActive with a Community of Like-minded, Success-oriented Individuals Wanting to Create Impact in their Businesses, Like You!

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