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Isn’t the issue of unsuccessful project management outcomes really about businesses picking a poor leader to see the process through?

While this belief may be common, in truth, leadership and management have very different roles when it comes to projects.  Professional project management consultants may be asked to provide objective advice that will help an organization solve problems or manage change, including business start-up, expansion, reorganization, diversification, downsizing, disposal of assets, planning, review of operations, launching projects or acquiring and implementing technology.  There is actually a methodology to this process that keeps projects on track, on task and on time.  Most business owners or company leaders within a business just do not have the time or skill sets to properly evaluate, follow through or understand risk management.  Outsourcing to an expert like Suzanne, who is certified in project management, guarantees a successful outcome as she provides objective, visionary and detailed feedback along with the necessary qualifications to get the job done.

What kind of results would our business get working with ProActive Pathways Consulting?

While the need to stay innovative and streamlined is part of the business climate these days, it is not as easy to develop these aspects without a fresh, objective and a competent point of view.  To create the right balance between guidance, strategy, implantation and results is truly an important asset as a consultant.  Suzanne’s ability to do this with her extensive experience as a project manager and planner gives her clients the trust in knowing that her expertise, skill sets and aptitude to hear the needs of her client, see the missing or necessary links in their process and clearly present a processes that support the desired results is emphasized in her collaborative approach when working with them.

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious.  Success is the natural consequences of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” ~Jim Rohn


I’ve been attending the same old business networking events and workshops over the years and they seem to be fine, what makes Mastermind for Champions different in its approach to business?

Mastermind groups are not a new concept in business however their functions are much different from a network meeting or workshop.  Mastermind groups are created to provide selected and well matched individuals the opportunity to form brain trusts of collective knowledge, support, ideas, resources and an environment to explore opportunities constructively with accountability partners.

The Mastermind for Champions group is a facilitated circle of people that Suzanne  leads.  Her commitment to business success influenced the creation of this program to provide like-minded individuals who are serious about their business growth and are open to learning and mentoring a circle of people looking for individuals with the same kind of drive and attention to their professional development.  They know the value in constructive feedback to help push them over the unseen hurdles business professionals, leaders and managers often experience.  While people usually do end up doing business together that are within the groups the primary object is to gather two or more people to create a synergist experience providing harmony and understanding for the desired results each member possesses and to significantly improve their overall business results.

Our primary focus when working with businesses is to re-engage their ability to connect and empower not only their own skills but the benefit of how your company can serve its ideal clients better.  We are committed to enhancing the long lost art of engagement, connection and empowerment.  We feel that without these three key ingredients businesses get stale in their performance and stop seeing opportunities to leverage their results.  Supported by the strong belief that community is essential to growth which is why the Mastermind of Champions’ Circle was established to bring business owners together to collaborate on their successes.

How does hiring ProActive Pathways Consulting to work with our team’s operations management benefit them and differ from other programs and consultants out there?

ProActive Pathways Consulting was founded by Suzanne and her in-depth understanding and work experience of issues related to operations, provides a rich expertise that only a seasoned professional can provide.  Her uncanny ability to decipher and discern exactly where a person, team or business may be struggling with their operational processes allows her to confidently work with clients in providing direct outcomes they seek in a collaborative venture.  Suzanne is passionate about helping small and mid-sized businesses create success so she is greatly aware what the importance of assessments, reviews and outcomes can mean for her clients.  She can clearly reduce the costly risks that poor or under assessed operational management can have on these businesses.

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