Suzanne Fontaine                                            

Suzanne is a Project Management Consultant, Facilitator of Mastermind Groups, Speaker and Author.  She started her company Suzanne at red brick wall - croppedProActive Pathways Consulting Inc. in order to meet the demands of entrepreneurs and businesses owners who often work independently and lack peer support which could easily improve their projects, income, and overall business results.

While networking a few years back, Suzanne noticed many entrepreneurs and small business owners could accomplish much more and move further ahead in their businesses, if they were part of a Mastermind community that included on-going education.  Many owners were proficient in their specific industry as the main reason for their venture yet, had limited business know-how and experience.  Often they were unaware of the impact it would have on their sustainability, especially if they chose to go it alone.

 left “My desire and passion is to work with businesses to be their absolute best and to succeed in accomplishing their goals. With a commitment to excellence, the mission of ProActive Pathways Consulting Inc. is to successfully steer your business through the complexities of the many frontiers it faces.” ~ Suzanne Fontaine right

With a passion for planning and on-going learning Suzanne quickly realized the importance and the value being a part of a Mastermind Group could offer business owners.  She since established the Mastermind of Champions Circle to provide a trusted and dedicated  community to share, mentor, challenge and help hold members’ accountable to their goals.

Believing in the value of on-going learning she has developed an environment where continued learning and growth strategies can be resourced for exceptional business outcomes.  Ensuring everyone reaches their full potential in order to excel in their business is the highest ‘gold medal’ experience to be achieved.

Suzanne is analytical, organized and able to see the big picture and the smallest of details, both essential for business.  Understanding many tasks can become unmanageable  when owners may feel overwhelmed in the complex duties they are required to maintain Suzanne can step in and assist in course correcting for a more effective and streamlined approach or outcome.

Having over 25 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry as a nurse, manager and project manager her past skills and experience are easily transferable to other industries and businesses looking to refocus on their management of daily operations, project management or leadership resources.

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