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November 29, 2016 – Issue 47
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We’re one month away from 2017.  How successful have you been in 2016?  Did you fulfill all the goals you hoped to accomplish?  Or did the year pass you by with business resulting in poor or no outcome for your career, business and personal life?

As December approaches, this is a hectic month for many people with plans of the holiday season whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or just use it as an opportunity to gather with family and friends.  You are less likely to finish achieving those goals that are left undone.  At this time of the year, people tend to unwind as the holiday season approaches, focusing more on getting ready with decorating, purchasing gifts and planning for family gatherings along with thoughts of the upcoming New Year and looking ahead for better things to come.

“Examine the present and learn from the past to see how the future will unfold. 
Too often we just look at the present and base our actions solely on that.”
~Shinjo Ito

However, December is also a good time to reflect on what you have accomplished this year, to celebrate your successes and to give thanks for all you have in your life.  If you plan to have a more successful 2017, then it is time to take stock as to:

  • where do you want to take your business/career and personal life?
  • what you want to accomplish for 2017?
  • why do you want to do this? This will have the most impact on the seriousness in being able to fulfill your goals.  Rate them, anything less than a 7/10; you are likely not going to be as dedicated to completing them.
  • how you are going to complete the work?
  • who do you need to seek help from?
  • when do you expect to complete each of these goals?
  • do you need a budget to get this work done?
  • are you being realistic with your expectations and do you have the time and commitment to be able to do what you stated you would do?
  • are there any barriers or risks that would prevent you from being successful and how can you overcome them?
  • comparing where you are right now to where you expect to be in 2017, what are you missing that you need to have in place to be successful, i.e. people, finances, skills, abilities and/or time?

“Evaluate what you want – because what gets measured gets produced.”
~James A. Belasco

Questions you will want to ask yourself as you evaluate where you are now in your personal life, business/career and where you want to go while exploring the possibilities and opportunities you have are:

  • how to you plan to move ahead and what steps do you need to take to begin this process?
  • do you need assistance with your plan and who can support you?
  • how can you improve your productivity, efficiency, effectiveness to get the results you want?
  • what ways can you grow and improve your relationships and networks?
  • who do you want to meet this year and how will you reach out to start this relationship?
  • what areas do you need to focus on to gain new skills and abilities?
  • what goals and projects do you plan to accomplish for 2017?
  • what ways can you improve your financial status and situation?
  • what expenses do you plan to pay off and what things do you really need to purchase?
  • what steps can you take to improve your health and well-being?
  • who can help you in your endeavors and how can you also give back to others to help move them forward?
  • what things are working for you and which ones are not, that you should reduce or eliminate from your life, if you expect to move forward in being successful with your goals?
  • identify the people in your life you need to send more time with and the ones you need to remove from your life.
  • what learning opportunities, education, workshops, conferences, books, podcasts etc can enhance your learning?
  • what ways can you declutter your life, your workspace and home to ensure the energy remains positive and flowing?
  • how can you push yourself out of your comfort zone to grow and have new opportunities occur in your life i.e. public speaking, join Toastmasters?
  • what ways can you give back to your community by volunteering?

This list of questions is just the beginning in getting you started in soul-searching and the work that you need to do if you want to improve your lot in life and be successful.

“Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities,
you can’t begin to explore your possibilities.”

~Tim Fargo

Why not gather a group of close business/work friends over supper one evening in December and begin the discussion using these questions.  You may be amazed at the different ideas, viewpoints, suggestions, brainstorming concepts that will come out of this dialogue.  There may be things that others see within you that you didn’t know you had, such as a positive attribute or characteristic or even to create a joined offer to work on certain goals that they want to work on as well.

Successful people know that surrounding themselves with positive and like-minded people who are working towards similar goals are the key to getting the results they want while regularly taking stock of one’s life.  If you want success and great results it is critical that you plan to take the time to reflect, examine, evaluate and explore.  From this work you can then create a plan and take action for a success 2017 year.

PLAN for Your Success!


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