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April 19, 2016 – Issue 31
Members of Just Pros Toastmaster’s Club (April 16, 2016)

In today’s world, having the ability to express oneself is crucial no matter whether you are in a job or have a business.  This is especially true when all one has to do is look around and see an enormous amount of people who are totally engrossed in their cell phones versus communicating face to face.

“Learn public speaking.  If there is one skill that is universal,
and critical to every situation, it’s the ability to communicate
effectively verbally.
It is the one skill that I have found is common to all the great
Entrepreneurs I
have ever met, and is also a skill that is very underdeveloped in most adults.”

~Tim Westergen

This past weekend, our advance Just Pros Toastmasters club hosted our bi-annual Dragons Den event in which we have individuals from other Toastmaster clubs who have already won their club/area speech contest submit their names to our club to have the chance to present their speeches on a stage in from  of a large audience.  They then received valuable feedback on improving their speech from our club members and the audience.  If they take these suggestions and make the necessary changes in their speech and overall presentation, it can actually help move them to possibly the winning spot at the Division and District level speech contest and perhaps even to the world champions.

The purpose of our advance Toastmaster’s club is for individuals who are serious in working towards becoming a professional / workshop / entrepreneur speaker or if they have already reached that level and now want to take it up a number of notches higher to become that extraordinary Speaker.  Through their regularly attendance and presentation, they receive tremendous feedback which supports and benefits them to raise the bar in their speaking and presentations.

A lot of planning, organizing and preparation goes into writing a speech, keynote or workshop content and then plenty of practice for presenting it.  As a speaker, there are several things to take into consideration when writing and presenting your information or story in that knowing who your audience is and what is in it for them.  You want your listeners to be immersed with what you are presenting, to fully understand your message, while appearing confident and competent.  As well as to inspire, deliver humor, motivate and empower them.

“Speech is power:  speech is to persuade to covert, to compel.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

When you present in public, the stage is yours by right, therefore, you want to claim it!  Leaders know how to project power by the way they stand and move; therefore when you speak in public, you are a leader.  You want to be able to show your audience that they can have the confidence in what you are telling them by commanding the space around you.  Nothing demonstrates confidence like a speaker who is comfortable with themselves in front of an audience.  You also build your credibility, authority and exposure as a speaker.  When you speak, the stage is your world.

If you have not reached that comfort level as a speaker and feel you could improve in conveying your message or if you struggle with the fear of public speaking, you may want to check out Toastmasters.  Plan to visit different Toastmasters clubs several times to find one you feel comfortable with since each club has their own personality.  If you want to increase your income/revenue then join a Toastmaster’s club.  Everyone can gain the skill of public speaking once you have learned the basics and with practice.  Toastmasters have been around for over 91 years in which they have an excellent program to support you in your development of communication and leadership skills and they have clubs all over the world.  Once you have gained the skill and comfort level to speak to an audience, the doors of opportunity will definitely open up many possibilities for you.

“Public speaking skills are an essential key to achieving
career advancement and success.”

~Robert Moment

What are you waiting for; PLAN this week to check out this link to Toastmasters International to find a club near you:

PLAN for Your Success!


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